Who I am & what I do


Network, Security, Programming.
Over ten years of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses develop a web presence. Comfortable working within any budget to exceed both stated and inferred goals.

Proficient in a number of languages. My speciality, however, is the merger of programming, networking, administration and security.

Comfortable and experienced leading specialized teams and communicating progress to upper management succinctly.


What I'm good at

A broad knowledge base combined with the ability to clearly communicate has positioned me incredibly well for team leadership roles. Expanding that knowledge base is incredibly important and I continue to enhance my Network Engineering skills via Cisco, and my programming through Open Source Projects.

Routing and Switching

Comfortable on Dell and Cisco R&S equipment. Developing and maintaining networks on both a layer 2 and a layer 3 level.

Hardware & Software Security

Comfortable using Cisco ASA firewalls and open source PfSense Firewalls. This includes associated software offerings such as IDS/IPS, ACLs, logging, etc.

Wireless Technology

Wireless deployments using Cisco Controllers or Ubiquiti Networks Unifi architechure.


Extremely experienced editing and designing themes and plugins for WordPress. Also experienced editing the core code caching mechanisms.

Web design

HTML5 and CSS using many popular frameworks. On the back end, I’m most comfortable in PHP.

Physical Wiring

Skilled in the hands-on world of cabling. Wired and tested numerous cable runs for multiple businesses.


I work with some cool technologies

Cisco Systems

Comfortable with Cisco Product Line of Switches, Firewalls, and Routers.

Dell Systems

Dell Sonicwall, Dell PowerConnect, and numerous Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Ubiquiti Networks

Unifi and other Ubiquiti Products.


PfSense is the free, all-inclusive, internet security solution. With a friendly web-based front-end, pfSense is perfect for organizations without a gigantic security budget.


Wordpress is the fastest and often cheapest way to design and maintain a website. With numerous plugins, WordPress allows for an incredibly intuitive e-commerce solution.


The world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platform for a reason.

The R Project

Comfortable in R Studio, Commander and the R Command Line.


SQL Design, Maintenance and Replication.


That’s how I work

I draw strongly upon my experience with D2C and B2B sales while undertaking any project. The ability to communicate technically complex ideas clearly to both executives and team members is the foundation of my process.

Defining the problem

At a very basic level, in order to define the desired outcomes, one must first define the problem and pain points.

Research and Analysis

People and Platforms: Researching all of the possible tools available for this particular project. Defining the scope of the project and the budget available to achieve the project. Budgeting time, money, and all of the resources available, both technical tools and personnel.

Establishing Goals, Deliverables, and Expectations.

Establishing the problem and the tools we have to solve that problem allows for a rather straight forward analysis of how long it’ll take to solve that problem. Communication is key to ensure that everyone is on the same page as to what defines a success and the expected time frame.

Focus on Communication. Again.

Breaking a project into achievable tasks, essentially functions or methods, allows for the most efficient use of key people and key resources. However, the success of any project depends on establishing strong and structured lines of communication.

Test. Unit Test. Test Again.

If something isn’t broken, it will eventually break or someone will set out to break it. Understand where risk exists in order to both communicate and negate it.

Launch and Rollback Schedule

With all of the work in place, it’s important to define an incredibly detailed launch schedule and prepare for the possibility of a faulty launch. While the risk of a building power outage or a key employee leaving mid-day with food poisoning is low, it definitely happens and it’s something that should be built into the plan.


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Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

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Mon – Sat 10.00 – 19.00