So Aaron Sanchez has been called up to help an awful Blue Jays bullpen. The bullpen’s fallen to the 17th best in the game after posting top-10 numbers in 2013. Delabar is falling apart in AAA, Santos just got DFAed, Cecil can’t stay healthy, and Dustin McGowan is mediocre.  The top-three options in the Jays bullpen are Janssen (5.56K/9), Redmond (6.88K/9) and Aaron Loup (7.47K/9 with a 4.60BB/9!)

This is a problem, and the bullpen obviously needs help but what if this is a way for the Jays to generate some data on Sanchez and show him off?

Right now, the only PFX data on Sanchez is from fall-ball and futures games and it looks good:

Pitch Type Count Freq Velo (mph) pfx HMov (in.) pfx VMov (in.) H. Rel (ft.) V. Rel (ft.)
Fourseam (980) 44 42.31% 61 36 46 45 47
Sinker (653) 17 16.35% 62 40 47 45 48
Change (477) 20 19.23% 67 38 46 44 45
Curve (462) 23 22.12% 58 58 50 45 45

First off, it’s amazing that brooksbaseball has implemented Scouting ranks and Z-Scores to give context what’s normally just a bunch of numbers. I can tell you that Sanchez offers up his fastball at 95mph, his change at 88mph, and his curveball at 80mph, but that means nothing unless you have the MLB averages memorized.  I don’t even have league average horizontal and vertical movements memorized, and I’ve been staring at this stuff for years. Scout on the other hand breaks it down on the 20-80 scale relative to all the pitchers.

How does Sanchez’s four and two seam fastball move? Well, it moves pretty well, but not great. This cursory look at Sanchez’s “stuff” shows that his success will hinge largely on velocity and decent but not great movement.

But this is a tiny sample size. Sanchez threw 100 pitches. With the Blue Jays bringing him up, we (the fans,) and the GMs are going to get a glimpse into how his stuff moves. Not too long ago, all that mattered was the scouts take, but now teams are taking a long look at how a players stuff actually moves. Teams like the Rays.

If this is AA showing off Sanchez for teams with a heavy focus on data, I’m all about it. If this is Alex bringing up Sanchez to shore up a terrible bullpen, I’m all about it.

Speaking of PFX data…Stroman is ridiculous.

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    “If they have five guys better than Aaron Sanchez and he does not fit their rotation, they are going to win 150 games,” said one NL scout.


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