For some reason, the Red Sox were inclined to play Mookie Betts against the good pitchers while sitting him against the awful ones. It’s almost as if the Red Sox wanted Betts to fail. I’m not saying that Edwin Jackson is an all-star, but sitting Betts against Miguel Gonzalez, Kevin Gausman, Scott Carroll, and Scott Feldman is rough. Betts had truly awful days against Arrieta, Jackson, Danks and Quintana but it’s pretty clear that those pitchers are better than the guys Betts sat against. 10 Games is barely a sample size, but as a Mookie Betts dyndasty owner, it’s tough to get behind how the Red Sox used Betts over those ten games.

Chase Whitley: 1/3 with a BB

Jake Arrieta: 0/3

Edwin Jackson: 0/4

Travis Wood: 2/5 with HR

Miguel Gonzalez: DNP

Ubaldo Jiminez: 1/4

Kevin Gausman: DNP

Scott Carroll: DNP

John Danks: 0/4

Chris Sale: 2/3

Jose Quintana: 0/3

Scott Feldman: DNP

Brett Oberholtzer: 2/4 with BB/SB


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